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Legal Help on Your Life Journey

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Your Journey


On our journey through life, we often go through times of joy and loss, health and illness.  We work, start businesses, raise families, and manage all those things that go into a day.  


We make plans for the future while we live in the present and

deal with the past. 


McCaulley Law is here to help you with the legal issues

associated with your personal journey. 


Legal Help With:


  • Estate Planning

    • Wills​

    • Trusts

    • Family LLCs

    • Durable Power of Attorneys

  • Elder Law

  • Guardianships

  • Probate

  • Disabilities

  • General Business

  • Employment Law

  • Non Profits

  • Small Business Formation

Attorney Profile

Carol Catherine McCaulley  


In practice in Washington since 2001 and Oregon since 2002, Ms. McCaulley has years of legal experience assisting with the issues that can impact lives at all stages. While she often works with the elderly, disabled, and terminally ill, her practice is not confined to any stage of life.  She has diverse legal experience in estate planning (e.g., wills, trusts, and community property agreements, etc.), guardianships, probate administration, small businesses formation (e.g., Corporations and LLCs), contract review and negotiation, establishing non-profits (help with 501(c)(3) filings), employment law issues, etc.  

Carol obtained her J.D. from Lewis & Clark (formerly known as Northwestern School of Law at Lewis & Clark College) after working for years in Risk Management and Human Resources.  She also holds Master's Degrees in History (Washington State University) and in Theology/Bioethics (Holy Apostles College and Seminary).

Dedicated to working to uphold the dignity of each person, Ms. McCaulley and her husband founded a non-profit to respond to the needs of the elderly, disabled, and terminally ill.  This organization now operates an adult care home to provide a beautiful loving residence regardless of financial means, and which collects and distributes durable medical goods to the community.  


Carol loves nature and enjoys hiking.  On her personal life journey, Ms. McCaulley spent a year preparing to walk the Camino de Santiago (a minimum 100 km walk ending a Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain). In the middle of her hike she had a serious fall which resulted in a shattered wrist, which require surgery, and a head injury.  With only a few days to go, she completed the walk by accepting each subsequent step as a gift and focusing on simply taking one step at a time.  She embraced the lessons learned by the experience and attempts to offer her clients legal assistance with both the planned and unplanned things that come into their lives.

In her spare time, Ms. McCaulley still enjoys hiking.  She loves her two champion Beagles, which she shows when she can, currently serves as the President of the Columbia Willamette Beagle Club.  She is also learning Welsh (O bydded i'r hen iaith barhau)            and hopes to walk the costal trail in Wales.

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