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Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Delayed from January 1, 2022, employees will now start contributing to the plan in July 2023. This delay allowed the legislature did some clean up work on the original plan to address some concerns (e.g., near-retirees can now earn partial benefits for each year they work and some workers who would be unlikely to qualify to receive benefits under the plan can request an exemption). Learn more about changes to the program, key dates and what employers need to know.

Now referred to as "Washington Cares" in July 2023, Washington State W-2 employees (with a few exceptions) will start having a small premium withheld from their pay for Long-Term Care coverage.

Washington is the first state to mandate such coverage in recognition of the growing need for long-term care and the limited resources and funding available to provide such care. I will give more information on this program in a few weeks.

Having founded a non-profit to provide care for the elderly disabled and terminally ill with limited means I can personally attest to the tremendous need to find a way to provide for this population to live as fully as possible with dignity for the duration of their lives. This is an area that has received woefully inadequate attention. The cost of providing needed care has risen substantially, while the current programs to assist this ever growing segment of our population do not provide sufficient funds to cover the actual cost of such care. Washington state has at least tried to take a step to manage this current and future need. Is it enough - no. But it is a step forward.

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